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Modern Day sales Pro April 19th-20th, 2020

Learn form the industry award winners

Are you ready to take your game to the next  lever?  Are you embarrassed to tell people you are in sales?  Are you struggling to find new techinues?  Are you scared of coming off as the used car salesman?   Then this training module is for you!  Topics will include:

  • Getting them in off the phone
  • Dealing with "throw in the taxes''
  • Building presentations
  • Planning/ Scheduling
  • Billing out the jobs for profit
  • Selling Radar
  • Quoting custom work
  • Proper Demo
  • Billing custom jobs without the fabricator
  • Planting the seed for the next Vehicle
  • Dealing with discounts
  • Life after the sale

Guest Instructors:

Elias Ventura - ME Mag Sales Pro 2016-2017 award winner

Jay Cook -  ME Mag Sales Pro 2018-2019 award winner

Chris McNulty - Custom Shop Owner / Kingpin University Staff Instructor 

Jason Kranitz - ME Mag Top 5 Sales Pro 2017-2018

Lunch and snacks included each Day!

Sales class 2020 Las Vegas

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