• Precision Arc Kit


    Arcs are a tricky thing until you understand how they work.  Top radius of the arc can never match the bottom radius which is all determined by length.  I know it's somewhat confusing.  That's why Kingpin University has done all the hard work for you.  This 29 piece set fits together seamlessly.  Each arc is numbered so you can easily identify the positive and negative to each arc.  And since we are fabricators ourselves, we ended the set with a straight line on the other side so you don't try looking for a match that does not exist.  
    *  29 pieces in all
    *  29 inches in length; great for door panels, rear deck lids, and trunk panel lay ups
    *  Material allows for easy removal of template tape without slippage during use
    *  Grow the set in the future with our expansion set